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JSU 2.1.0 Release Notes

November, 28th 2017

JSU 2.1.0 introduces great improvements and various feature enhancements. With this release we tackle real world requirements of our customers – to scale the users’ benefits and provide more powerful solutions.

Change your scope: Connect workflows – and this is new - of Sub-Tasks & Issues in Epic

The powerful combination of Create Linked Issue and “Linked Transitionis well-liked in teams to automate their processes. With version 2.1.0 you are now able to not only create linked Issues, but also Sub-Tasks and Issues in Epics. This comes along with the possibility to trigger a transition on any relating Issue i.e. Issues in Parent/Sub-Tasks and Epic/Issue in Epic relation.


Deal with permission obstaclesConnect workflows of restricted projects

Even though JSU 2.0’s Create Linked Issues” & “Linked Transition allows to bring teams and the work of different Jira Projects closer together, you might face permission difficulties. The user still needed the appropriate permission in the project of the other team.

In JSU 2.1.0 the new “…as User” feature allows to configure an intermediate user, which creates the new Issue or triggers a transition on an existing one. This user account is assumed to be only technical, with broad permissions, but not used to log into Jira by in life persons.

Imagine your support team has no permissions in the developer’s project and vice versa.
You can now use this technical user (with the necessary permissions) to create a linked Issue in the developers project – and to trigger a transition on the support task out of the developers project, when done.

A real life problem we wanted to address:

Due to legal constraints an international bank has very narrow permissions for all kind of different projects. Only a top manager was allowed to manually pass information from one to the other project. With JSU 2.1.0 they can now construct a fully integrated workflow solution over several projects, where most employees cannot even see the other projects, which handle the processes before or after their work.


Many refinements on Copy Value From Other Field

We went even further and introduced the new concept of different Scopes to the “Copy Value From Other Field” post function. 
Both is possible:

  • Copy a value from a related issue (linked, Parent/Sub-Task, Epic/Issue in Epic) to the issue in transition (triggering the post function).
  • Copy from the Issue in transition to a related Issue.
    For example you could copy the Due Date from an Epic to a Story, whenever you Start Progress on the Story.

You can now copy any number of fields during a single post function. Compared to the previous versions, where you had to configure one post function for each field, your confusing workflow configurations get much cleaner now.

Additional options to append or prepend the copied value to any existing value.
Imagine a Parent task which is ‘gathering’ the values of its Sub-Tasks in one field, whenever those Sub-Tasks get closed.


Put validation error messages in your context

We admit that the standard validation error message, which JSU provided was rather cluttering.
What should you make out of: "The field Contact its contents must match against the regular expression ^[_A-Za-z0-9-\\+]+(\\.[_A-Za-z0-9-]+)*@[A-Za-z0-9-]+(\\.[A-Za-z0-9]+)*(\\.[A-Za-z]{2,})$" ?

Even if it just means: "Please provide a valid email address for Contact".

Now you can implement any message, which provides actual information for your users.


... and more

Small bug fixes, usability improvements, further details in the documentation.