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JSU for Jira Server

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Server. If you are using JSU on Jira Cloud, you can find the documentation here.


This check will not pass, if not all linked issues (of a certain link type), have a particular status.

For example in the Testing and Fixing Bugs use case, the tester shall not set a test to 'Ok' as long as there are still open bugs for that.


(warning) Do not use this check in a transition, which will be triggered by a Linked Transition . (The check would still get the old status of the issue initiating the Linked Transition.)


Bug 'BF-25' has note yet bee fixed, it is still in the status 'In Progress'. When the user tries to click on 'Ok' on the corresponding test, he will get the following message:

However, we allow the user to ignore all open bugs by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

Precondition Configuration

Preconditions can be configured in a several ways:

  • A result of a precondition can be negated 
  • A result of a precondition can be combined with a result of previous preconditions using the following ways:
    • Discard the result of previous precondition (Results of the previous preconditions are not taken into account)
    • AND (All of the preconditions have to be true to allow execute a post function)
    • OR (Only one of the preconditions has to be true to allow execute a post function)