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Used to copy a value from a source field to a destination field within the origin issue.

You can add any number of Copy within Origin configurations.


You can copy the value from a source field to a destination field. Click the + Button to add additional field pairs to your configuration.

Keep in mind that not all conversions from source to destination field are supported, nor feasible. We can only ensure, that it will work if source and destination fields are of the same field type, or the destination field is a text field. (Still, some additional combinations of different field types might work as well - although not 'officially' supported.)

Overwrite / Append / Prepend

For text fields and some fields that can take multiple values (like checkboxes) you can choose to overwrite, append or prepend the new value to any existing value. In the case of text field, you can also choose a separator that will be put between the values (not shown in the screen shot above).

Create version if necessary

Imagine your origin issue has a version, that you want to copy to the linked issue.

If the destination field is 'Fix Version/s', 'Affects Version/s' or some custom field of type 'Version Picker', you can choose that a new version will be created in the target project, if not yet existed. If you don't choose this option and that version does not yet exist, the user will get an error message and the transition won't complete.

However be aware, that the version will be created, even if the user does not have the 'Administer Projects' permission. (Normally a user needs that permission to be able to create a new version.)

Special 'Sources'

As source you have some additional options:

  • *** default value ***
    The default value of the destination field will be set.
  • *** empty ***
    The destination field will be cleared.
  • *** transition comment ***
    The comment, which the user entered on the transition screen.
  • *** last comment ***
    The last (most recent) comment already existing on the issue before the transition was started.

Special 'Destinations'

As destination you have some additional options:

  • *** new comment ***
    Create a new comment with the value from the source field.