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JSU for Jira Cloud

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or on Jira Data Center, you can find the documentation here.


The 'Update any Issue Field' post-function updates any field to a specified value, after a transition has been completed. This can be a system- or a custom field.

The field can be on the issue in transition(within same issue) or on a related issue, like a sub-task, a linked issue or an issue within an Epic (during the transition on the Epic).


You must specify the field and the desired value. For example: 

Field Value

Please make sure that the value you enter is valid for the datatype of the selected field. Also verify, that the context configuration for the project using this workflow will allow to modify the selected field.

Typically you will use text or numbers as value.

Asynchronous Execution

There is a fundamental differences between Jira Server/Data Center and Jira Cloud: In Jira Cloud post functions of apps are executed asynchronous as a 'background job'.

  • This means a post function will be executed after the transition has completed on Jira Cloud.
  • There is no guaranteed order in which several post functions are performed. They might be executed in a different order than the one you had set them up in Jira's workflow configuration. So you cannot rely on any result of a 'previous' post function. The order how the post functions are executed might be different every time the transition is performed.
  • When a post function has a problem (due to misconfiguration or the current data of a Jira issue), the transition (and all other post functions) will be performed nevertheless.
  • The result of a post function might not be visible immediately in the browser.
  • There are no error messages displayed to the user.


See the above example of a Story changing the Epic Status of its Epic.

Or whenever a parent issue is set to 'In Progress' the assignee of all its sub-tasks could be set to the current user (the one changing the status on the parent).

Another example:
A developer has fixed a Bug. He proceeds in the Jira workflow to the status 'Resolved' (this might be triggered from his code pushed to Bitbucket). The 'Update any Issue Field' now adds a label 'testing-required'.
This would be a very light weight solution. There are also cases when you need a more complex solution. Have a look at Testing and Fixing Bugs.

For more information on how to configure a post-function in Jira, see the Jira documentation.

Supported Field Types

In its different modules (especially those for workflows), the JSU app supports many different field types. System fields, as well as custom fields.

However you should be aware, that not all field types are supported. Also not in all combinations. We think we cover the most important field types and still are continuously adding and improving which and how different field types are supported. But the one you need, might just not (yet) work. Some custom fields of other third party app might never get supported.

For that reason you should always test anything you do with the JSU app with fields. Before you buy a license for JSU, try it with a free evaluation license, if it works for you.