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This example provides a simple How-To Guide to create 2 related Pages with 2 configured Languages.

First we configure the Global Configuration that we support 2 Languages, in this case we use English (en) and German (de).

Navigate to General configuration -> Section: Look and Feel -> Language Switch and create the Global Configuration as follow:

If you navigate to any Pages in a Space, you will find the Language Switch in the Header Toolbar.


Configure Pages for the Language Switch

for your Example, we will create Products Pages in German and English and we will use as Page Identifier products.

First we prepare the English Page:

  1. Create a new Page Products
  2. Add a Label page_products_en to mark this Page as Language English with Page Identifier products.

Then we create the German Page:

  1. Create a new Page Produkte
  2. Add a Label page_products_de to mark this Page as Language German with Page Identifier products.


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