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The Language Switch app gives you the freedom to switch between the same content in multiple languages. This gives your users a simple way to switch to their preferred language of a page.


The Language Switch is based on 2 concepts

  • Definition of which languages should be displayed in the Language Switch. This can be configured globally (for all spaces) and further customised per space. For more details, see the Get Started page.
  • Based on labels, which define the language and the relationship between same content pages.


Label definition

The Language Switch is using Confluence labels to identify the language of the page and the related pages in other languages.


The pattern has the following format:

<Prefix>The prefix is always page
<PageIdentifier>This is the common identifier which must be used on all related pages, e.g. product.
<Language>Identifies the Language of the Page using ISO 639-1 two-letter codes, as defined in the Configuration.

Example of Labels

  Home page in English   

  Home page in German   


You can find a complete example on the Get Started Page.

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